Sunday, July 15, 2007

Project : Wooden Bug

Project : Wooden Bug
Date : End of June 2007
Materials : Wood, pins, flux, solder
Tools : Soldering iron, pliers, hammer
Finished Product:

Find yourself a piece of drift wood that has a lot of character. Add to this character by burning into it patterns and designs with your soldering iron. Hammer a couple of pins into the body, bend them, then solder another set of pins onto the ends of them for segmented legs. A drop of solder on the first bent pin's turn adds to the look of large segmented bug legs. The end.

Thoughts :
It's a good idea, but I just don't know how to burn wood interestingly. The sucker patterns- neither patch of which are pictured here- were the most successful look. I will definitely try more of this, it is a pleasant mixture of nature and metal.

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captain brushpen said...

o.O *covet covet covet*

My @#$R!! dremil tool and soldering irons are on the east coast.... I *love* this. Have you read Dayworld? It has a great character-- an artist who "stones" (freezes) bugs, and paints them, then unfreezes them to run around the world as miniature works of art. I keep imagining doing that to bees/wasps with quick trip to the freezer-- maybe have them trailing tiny silk kites, or something....